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NCI Agency Customer Services Catalogue

Please use 'Costed Services' in first place; if service cannot be found than use 'Legacy Services'.

What are NATO Software Tools?
NATO Software Tools are software and system applications that has been developed by and for NATO use.
You can find descriptions of each NATO Software Tool listed here.
All software requests are assessed against eligibility of customer and requested licenses.
Who is eligible to use NATO Software Tools?
NATO entities and NATO Nations are eligible. View a list of NATO Nations here.
Non-NATO entities and non-NATO Nations can request NATO Software Tools via Customer Request Form.
For more information about eligibility please contact Demand Management at:
How can eligible customer obtain NATO Software Tools?
Through Registered* Users Only!
*Registered access to NATO Software Tools - Routine Delivery requires a signed License Agreement to be in place with NCI Agency.
Registered users can access free downloads and updates for NATO Software Tools.
More information is available under the “NATO Software Tools List” button on this screen.
For new/additional software requests, a Customer Request Form needs to be submitted to Demand Management.
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