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The Federated Mission Networking (FMN) CIAV WG is an essential element in increasing the interoperability within FMN Affiliates by improving mission based information exchange and allowing resources to be used more effectively and efficiently. It supports the Change Process of the FMN Baseline and manages a common repository for FMN test requirements and test cases. In addition, the Afghanistan Mission Network (AMN) CIAV Track continues to support the current Resolute Support Mission.

The CIAV WG is subdivided into four main tracks:

Track 1: FMN: Main goals support the preparation and synchronization of FMN CIAV activities to enable Affiliates to allocate resources and contribute to the change management and the common repository for FMN. This track is conducted throughout the week.

Track 2: AMN: Focus on operationally relevant Afghanistan Mission Network (AMN) issues and necessary assessment events with respect to operation Resolute Support Mission (RSM).

Track 3: Coalition Exercise Support: This track deals with both confirmed and potential coalition interoperability exercise support via DTA and AV&V events. CIAV involvement in these events helps to identify potential interoperability gaps during the planning cycle and helps to reduce lost training time upon deployment and initiation of exercise activity.

Track 4: Joint Working Groups: Main goals is to facilitate activities jointly addressed by the FMN working groups and task forces.

Further details of the agenda for these tracks are contained in the FMN CIAV WG Calling Notice. All three tracks of the Working Group will be supported by Subject Matter Expert (SME) from FMN Affiliates, AMN Troop Contributing Nations (TCNs), and the FMN Secretariat. National Leads are requested to assign sufficient representation of capable SMEs to each track.





Please use button below to register to CIAV Event. 

All delegates must gain prior approval from their CIAV WG National Lead before registering for the working group. Delegates who register without gaining National Lead approval may have their registration declined.

To request changes in registration or in case of additional questions, please contact:

 Dr Michael Rudack at

Register to CIAV WG 34 below: